About Us

 About us:

 We do things a little bit different here at Happy Snaps School Photography.

 As parents ourselves, we know how it feels when you receive the long awaited school photos........ to be disappointed to see your child with their well practiced false smiles.
 Because of this very reason we strive to make every photographic moment enjoyable for each child. Nothing makes a more perfect photo than seeing the happiness in a childs face and the laughter in their eyes.

 Our style is suited for any school requirement, ranging from formal to contemporary. We are the next generation in school photography, driven by the need to create superb school photo's for all.

 We cover ages from 2 years to School leavers. We also cater for Dance studios...... infact if you feel that Happy Snaps Photography can help in anyway then contact us and we shall see what we can do.

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